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Podcast: Home from College: Advice for Parents and Students


By Dr. Alexandra with Dr. Shane Owens 


Anxiety and Substance Use Disorder: Everything You Need to Know

By Lan Pham, Stefanie Sandler Billette


N.J. doctors worry in a skeptical public many will sit out vaccine rollout


By Spencer Kent

Please Start Posting About Your COVID-19 Symptoms on Social Media

By Brittany Wong

Huffington Post

Your Baby’s Obsession with Wrapping Paper is Pure Science

By Cat Bowen


Self-Soothing During The Pandemic


When Do You Tell Someone That You May Have Exposed Them To COVID-19?

Huffington Post

Kids Who Do Chores Are More Likely to Be Successful. Here’s Why.


The Psychology Behind Why Men Refuse To Wear Face Masks

Huffington Post

Have you and your friends had the COVID-19 talk?

New York Magazine- The Cut

7 Ways To Boost Your Mental Health During Anxious Times

What Do We Make of Anti-Vaxxers In the Time of Coronavirus?

Interviewed by Janelle Wang regarding how to stay mentally healthy while quarantined

Yes, We All Have Quarantine Fatigue. No, That Doesn’t Mean You Can Go Out.

Huffington Post

Is social isolation getting to you? Here’s how to know – and what experts say to do.

The Washington Post

What To Do If You’re Worried About Your Grandparents And Coronavirus

The Huffington Post

What To Do If Your Family Or Friends Aren’t Taking Coronavirus Seriously Anymore

Huffington Post

What coronavirus fears are doing to people with anxiety disorders

The Washington Post

‘Fear spreads like a virus’: How coronavirus anxiety is taking a toll on N.J.’s mental health

How to Manage Your Coronavirus Anxiety

The Wall Street Journal

New Dads Go Through a Second Puberty


No, You’re Not Imagining Things. Seasonal Depression Is Real


When the Prescription for Teens Is More Social Media, not Less

The Wall Street Journal

Colleges Say They Don’t Have Money For Mental Health. Here’s What They Should Do


Baby Boomers: Self-Medicated and Depressed?

The Full Story with Ron Ropiak on WSHU

Report claims Penn, Princeton, and other Ivy League colleges discriminate against students with mental illness

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Experts Warn of Harmful Mental Health Consequences of Spanking Children


College Students Experiencing High Rates of Stress and Suicidal Thoughts


I Struggle With Anxiety, but I Don’t Let It Affect My Kids

Many college students can’t manage the stress of daily life. This tool can help

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Why we ask kids what they want to be when they grow up


How to trick a kid into talking about their day


For professionals – 3 steps to master back-to-school COVID-19 anxiety

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Is your mask securely fastened?

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

3 things your college kid must know about mental health

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Panic Sells, Calm Saves

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

How to deal with college kids home for the summer


How your child can maintain mental health treatment when moving to campus

US News Health

How to customize a healthier approach to screen time for your family

US News Health

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