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All services can be offered remotely (subject to local licensure laws).

Dr. Owens is board-certified in behavioral and cognitive psychology, widely regarded as the gold-standard approach to achieving mental health. He empowers people to understand and change the relationships between what they do, think, and feel.


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Behavioral & Cognitive Therapy (CBT)

Dr. Owens provides individual behavioral and cognitive therapy (CBT). In CBT, people are encouraged to improve their lives by examining and changing their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. CBT is effective in helping people overcome anxiety, depression, and many other mental health difficulties.

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College Readiness Coaching

Dr. Owens has 20 years of experience in college mental health and in teaching at colleges and universities. He offers a structured approach to preparing prospective students and their families for the monumental and sometimes difficult transition to college life.

Professional Services



Dr. Owens offers consultation to individual mental health providers and organizations, including clinics, schools, and universities. He has expertise in behavioral emergency prevention, management, and postvention, maintaining mental and behavioral health through a crisis, and motivating and maintaining behavioral change.

Notebooks and Pens


Dr. Owens provides supervision to mental health trainees and established professionals dealing with difficult cases.


Dr. Owens offers workshops on behavioral emergency prevention, management, and postvention, especially suicide. He is trained in the PREPaRE School Crisis Prevention and Intervention Curriculum. Dr. Owens teaches medical professionals how to ensure compliance with medical treatments and vaccine schedules. Finally, he speaks to mental health professionals about the practical and ethical use of social media to promote mental health. Previous offerings include:

Stressed Man

Detecting signs of suicidal crisis in residents

Grand rounds presented to the Graduate Medical Education Committee, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

College Campus

Collaborative management of suicide risk in college students

Didactic for the Krasner Psychological Center at Stony Brook University.

High School Students

A Parent’s Guide to Healthy Transition From High School Student To Independent College Student

Workshop for the Rockville Centre Union Free School District


Making our science palatable to the hungry public: Embracing the power of social media

 Presentation to the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies.

Kids in Preschool

Teaching kids lifelong suicide prevention skills

Workshop for the Staten Island Committee for Child and Adolescent Mental Health.


Psychological Characteristics of Vaccine Refusers and How to Change Their Behavior

Lecture for the Med-Peds Section of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Social network concept

Social media boot camp for psychologists

Workshop presented to the Suffolk County Psychological Association.

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