All of Dr. Owens' services are delivered from a behavioral and cognitive therapy perspective.  This means that he conceptualizes all behaviors--adaptive and maladaptive--as the result of the environment's responses to those behaviors filtered through an individual's or group's cognitive processes.  Many evidence-based solutions to life's obstacles are deeply rooted in these concepts.

Behavioral & Cognitive Therapy (CBT)

Behavioral & cognitive therapy (CBT) can be delivered to individuals, to couples, and for families.  The mode of delivery is typically determined through a period of interviews, evaluation, and assessment. All CBT services are tailored to the specific individual or family based on the strengths patients bring to therapy, the difficulties that exist, and the environmental factors that contribute to the maintenance of those obstacles.

Suicide Prevention and Intervention Services

Dr. Owens offers evidence-based suicide prevention training to professional groups and organizations including clinical staff, graduate programs, and schools.  Each training program is specifically tailored to fit the needs and capabilities of the group for whom the training is being offered.  Training can focus on assessment, prevention, intervention, program design, risk management, or any combination thereof.


Dr. Owens is also trained in performing psychological autopsies.

Consultation and Supervision

Dealing with individuals, couples, and families in crisis can be incredibly taxing and can interfere with your ability to handle these difficult cases.  Dr. Owens offers consultation and supervision services to clinicians dealing with these issues.


In addition, Dr. Owens provides consultation to organizations that are working to prevent or mitigate the effects of suicide or workplace violence.

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