AS A PARENT, YOU’VE watched your child grow from infancy to adolescence and now your son or daughter is entering a whole new world. While most kids will get through college just fine, others find themselves on a different, more precarious path.

According to th...

I am almost certain that you and your college kid know all about food services, residence life, and health services. I would be willing to bet that you know very little about campus counseling and psychological services. Because the need can come on fast, it is importa...

September 4, 2019

Determining whether your college kid needs help can be really, really hard.  Trouble is indicated by changes and you are paying what likely seems too much to change your kid into a productive, healthy member of society.  Some of the things that may completely stun you—...

‘tis the season to prepare for campus life.

For many, the move will go smoothly.  For others, it might mean coping with an existing or newly-emerging mental illness.

College is not only a time for growth and discovery, it is also the time during which many common mental...


Many believe that college students are facing a mental health crisis.  Each year, college counseling centers are flooded with students seeking help for everything from homesickness to break-ups to suicidal behaviors.  According to college counseling center direct...

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Be thankful, for your college kid knows everything

November 21, 2019

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